Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Country Gal by Vanita Blundell 2-07-06
Sunday evening Jennifer and I had decided to watch the Super Bowl. It is not because we like football it is because we like the commercials and the half time show. We have not watched one game on TV all season long so we were not excited about the game itself just what would come with it. In the future, I would not recommend this type of approach. It makes the football game last forever and it just does not work. We thought the commercials were sadly lacking and were not up to Super Bowl standards. We did like the Fed Ex cave man the best. We have been told that we have a sadistic sense of humor, which is probably true, since in the commercial the caveman was squished by a dinosaur. We thought the half-time show might be good after all, it was the Rolling Stones. I thought they looked so old, I just kind of felt sorry for them. I should not be critical of them since Mick Jagger said that they could have sung at the first Super Bowl 40 years ago. Not many bands are still together after 40 years. Jennifer has gotten me hooked on watching Grey’s Anatomy and it was continued which really depressed us so our Sunday evening was a little disappointing.
Jim came home at end of Super Bowl, he and his brother, John, had gone to Tulsa to see their mom. Donna is taking radiation treatments for the next 5 weeks.
It is that time of year again. Skunk season. I guess every farm has its problems. When I was growing up we had rattlesnakes but that was about it. Here we have wasps, bumblebees, grasshoppers, skunks and raccoons. I am not trying to tell you that we did not have these where I grew up but, as I remember not in excess. I have an excess of these varmints. The bumblebees worry me, as I am allergic to them. I think that I have every kind of wasp or mud dauber there is. However, the skunks are something else entirely. The skunks are so very busy and our dogs are so very stinky. I would like to know why my dogs chase the skunks to the house and corner them against the house, and annoy them so they will spray and smell up the entire house. I have tried to explain it to the dogs that you chase the varmints AWAY from the house not towards the house. Once I went to leave the house and they had a skunk trapped at the front door. That was just great. Our dog, Mutt, who has helped in the skunk department is getting old and just gets things stirred up. However, I have to remember I am not as good as I once was (I think there is a song for that) so I should be happy that he is trying to teach the new dog how to handle those smelly little creatures. So far, the skunks are 4 and the dogs are 0. I think we might need reinforcements.

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