Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Country Gal Nov. 28, 2006

Country Gal by Vanita Blundell Nov. 28, 06
Life is full of puzzles and if your life is not puzzling enough - you can actually purchase any kind of torture you would like to mess with your brain - eyes - and patience. Not to mention it can drain your bank account. Mom started to do the crossword puzzle in the newspaper. She would ask me questions that she did not know. I was impressed that I actually knew something helpful. What mom and I did not know we used the very ragged, cornered crossword dictionary unless Vickie is here and she knows stuff. Mom and I have always joked that we share a brain.
While I was cooking in New Mexico I found Mom a doubled sided, horse shaped, puzzle. It is really hard but she is getting it done. The Thanksgiving guests helped out some and gave it them something to do as we visited.
My niece, Wendy, does the sudoku puzzles. I had never seen one worked before. She was showing me how they work and how to do them. I thought that they looked like fun so I got a book and I think that I like the crossword puzzles better. But they are fun; even Jeff likes some of them.
Mother does not buy the crossword books- why you might wonder since she loves the do the one in the paper? Well, it is because my mother who I love very much is a cheater. If she has the answers in the back of the book she cannot help herself when she gets stuck on a word, she looks in the back and cheats. That is why she likes the puzzles in the paper since she cannot get the answers until the next day.
Mom and I work the crossword while we are on the road. We were traveling to Wichita the other day and I had given her an answer and Mom said, “Vanita, I think that maybe you might be a little smarter than we had thought.” Thanks Mom, I think.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Country Gal by Vanita Blundell Nov. 21, 06

Country Gal by Vanita Blundell Nov. 21, 06
You know what? Thanksgiving will be here before we know it. I hope you are ready- I am getting in the mind set. However, it seems to be difficult since all of the stores have forgotten Thanksgiving and jumped ahead to Christmas. The reasoning must be that we have not commercialized Thanksgiving as we have Christmas; maybe we ought to be thankful of that. Turkey day is a wonderful day to get with all of those that we love and remember all of the happy times in your life. Maybe even write a letter to someone who has made a difference in your life. It is never too late to let someone know that they are important to you. We have many people in the community who do so much for so many.
I am excited that my sister’s family and my brother’s family will be here. I get to have Vickie and Randy’s family at my house along with Lori and Roy Claycamp. My house will be full of lots of fun and entertainment. Vickie’s little grandson, Michael Ethan, is a very busy little boy. He will add some excitement. Virgil and Karen’s family entire will get to be with us.Virgil and Karen have two grandchildren and they will both be here as well, so I will be blessed this year.
Jennifer is planning to go shopping on Black Friday- you know- that Friday after Thanksgiving. I have absolutely no interest in going. I love to shop but in a mob of busy, pushing, people with no parking spaces except for the ones that are a half a mile away. In addition, the stores put on the sales that you just cannot say no to. It just exhausts me to think about it. So to all of you brave souls who are going out in the cold, cruel world on Friday- I send to you good luck and safe driving.
I hope you have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy your friends and family.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Country Gal by Vanita Blundell 11-07-06

I am slowly getting back in to the swing of things. When I got back on Friday from the Gila Wilderness -we had to get ready to sell calves. The cattle truck was to be at the pens by noon so this fat girl had to get to moving. We got the calves in good time only because I had good help and then we had to get some bills paid just like everyone else. On Tuesday the calves sold and we worked on the trailer lights. I know what you are thinking why worry about the lights after we got the calves to town. We had to get the lights working so we could take the trailer to my brothers- Virgil’s- on Wednesday - to help him move all of his shop stuff. Or at least we thought we had the lights working- We had just left Coffeeville a little ways and we realized that we had no running lights on the trailer. We had brake and turning lights just no tail lights or clearance lights. We pulled over at a quick stop and tried to find where our problem was. Jim decided to just rewire the lights. We were working hard trying to get everything working when a fellow pull up besides us and saw our dilemma- he said, “you oughtta do what I do- just like *#** and get to where you are going”. Jim told him that would work just fine if we did not have another four and half hours left to travel and we had to go thru Joplin and we would be on the interstate. The guy gave us his condolences and left. He was great help. But we got the lights working and we were on our way and made it without any more problems.
Virgil and Karen have lived in Waynesville for over a little over 25 years. They are moving to Minneola Kansas. Virgil will be the minister at the Christian Church in Minneola.
What can I say- Virgil is Vernie Whites son. He had all kinds of stuff - but we did get it all in the trailer. It is amazing what one collects after a few years. One of the guys that was helping load up stuff ask if there was no scrap metal in Kansas. Virgil had everything organized and it did not take long to get things packed, tied, secured, and locked down. We left the next morning and so now I think that I am home for a while now. What is left to see is if this is a good thing or a bad thing.