Monday, April 24, 2006

Country Gal by Vanita Blundell 4-25-06

Country Gal by Vanita Blundell 4-25-06
A little over a week ago I had a new experience. I got to watch my neighbors burn a CRP field. It was amazing to see how everything works. Those guys are really organized and know what they are doing. That was really a good thing as if it was left up to me I would either burn little tiny patches or burn from here to the Mississippi River depending on the wind. They needed someone to be a ‘gofer’. I thought surely I could do that, but as usual I was out of harmony and slightly unbalanced as my harmonic balancer went out on the Dodge pick-up. If you do not know what a harmonic balancer is, it is extremely important; your vehicle will not operate without it. When I told Jim, he said, “Well, what do ya know, never had one of those go out before.” This did not surprise me at all since unusual things happen to me all the time what did shock me is that Jim has lived with me for over 28 years and he has not gotten used to me tearing up things that are odd. Now that I finally found the part getting it in will be another grand adventure I am sure.
Watching the guys burn reminded me of when we had fires when I was growing up. Someone would call Dad and tell him that there was a fire to put out. Where we lived it was usually lightening that started it. He would run out of the house and get a bunch of gunny sacks and put them in the horse tank and he grabbed some 5 gallon buckets of water put the sacks in the buckets. Then he would either take off or someone would pick him up and off they would go to fight fire. I remember that Mom was a little concerned but we just went on with whatever we were doing. It seemed like it always happened at night and when we would look outside sometimes we could see the glow of the fire and we could watch it die down, then we would have an idea that Dad might be on his way home.
I was so thankful for the rain Sunday night. I hope everyone remembered to give thanks to the Good Lord. As I am writing it is looking like rain and I sure hope God sees fit to let us have another nice shower.

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