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Country Gal by Vanita Blundell Dec. 12, 06

Country Gal by Vanita Blundell Dec. 12, 06
Have you gotten your Christmas shopping done? I think that I might have a couple more to get. One year we did not start until Christmas Eve. Waiting that long is not a wise idea. However, it is all over very quickly. It is like ripping the band-aid off really fast instead of the slow painful way.
One of my favorite things that I received at Christmas time was a little wind up dog. It really is not the dog, but the story that goes with it. Mom always tried to make everything equal among the three of us. Dad always purchased what he thought someone would like. This particular little wind up dog caught Dads eye and he bought it for me. Mom had thought that she was done with the gift buying then Dad showed her what he had found and she was irritated that she now had to even up the gifts once again. I do not think that she wanted Dad to go back to town in fear of what he might find to buy not just for me but anyone of us. I do not think that anyone enjoyed buying more gifts than Dad.
He always was asking me what I thought Jim might like to get for Christmas or his birthday. He would say after he asked me, “I want to get him something that would really tickle him”. I told if I knew the answer to that I would get it for him myself. I have decided that there are different gift stages in your life. When you are a child toys are the thing that you receive then as a young adult you receive clothes and gift certificates. As a wife you get sweepers, mops, pots, pans and other useful items. As husband you would receive ties, tools, shovels, others things that the wife would like for the husband to get done for her and the tools to do it. Then as you get older you start getting toys again.
What we bought for Dad, was any kind of toy that would move, wiggle,light up, or make music. If you could find one that did all of the above, that would really please him.
By now I hope you are through with all of your shopping and that you can sit back and enjoy the Holiday Season. HO! HO! HO!

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