Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Country Gal by Vanita Blundell Dec. 04, 2007

I went to cook for hunters again last week - this time I was in the small town of Herndon, Kansas. Herndon is found northwest part of our state. This is a tiny town that has a Co-op, Post office and a recently opened cafĂ©. The people there were very friendly and I enjoyed the hunters, too. I was in a nice house with all of the modern conveniences. I even had access to a television but no cable or a satellite dish. So I watched or listened to the one channel that was available and remembered why I quit watching soaps and talk shows. Both of these shows drive me nuts. Actually, there are not a whole lot of differences between soaps and all of the drama found on Dr. Phil and Oprah. Most all of the problems are a product of something crazy people have done to themselves. People cannot figure why their kids have a weight problem when they eat take out- order a large pizza for each member of the family, keep candy in every candy dish in the house, refuse to tell their kids no when they want to eat something sweet in the middle of the night and the most exercise they get is running to the toilet and they wonder what the problem is. I have trouble understanding that people cannot figure out where the dilemma could possibly be. I know that I am carrying several extra pounds, but I can guarantee that I am not going on a talk show to ask why those pounds have “mysteriously” appeared. I can tell you exactly where they came from but I really do not think that you want to know or even care. Or how about the guy who beats his wife. The unhappy couple comes on the stage and she says to the world that she does not like getting the sap beat out of her by her ‘loving’ husband. The husband, who is always sorry that she made him angry enough to hit her head against the wall, can not understand why she wants to leave. The host thinks that maybe the wife might not to want to live with the husband anymore. Well, Duh! I mean really, who wants to live with someone who will smack them around whenever life does not suit them.
Of course there are the mother-in-law issues. I imagine every married couple could tell something about their in-laws. Some have wonderful relationships where others have the mother who can not let their grown children have a life of their own and make their own mistakes. Here again, I am not sure that I need to hear about all of the gut wrenching heartaches.
With these kinds of shows on, this is why I watch the old shows where all of life problems can be fixed in thirty minutes. Life is hard enough without trying to fix the rest of the world not that any of us can. We certainly have our own problems just like everyone else, but nothing worth involving the media. However, would like to know why we spread rumors that have no truth to them. I have been guilty of telling something that was not even close to the truth. I have been told that before you even think that something might be true, you should wait to hear the same story three times and not by the same person. Then maybe just maybe there might be a little tiny bit of truth to it. And if it is not nice maybe it should go no farther. I guess that would be if we lived in a perfect world and we all know that our world is not flawless.

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