Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Country Gal-by Vanita Blundell 2-28-06

Country Gal-by Vanita Blundell 2-28-06
My family is upset with the dogs in our family. Many years ago Jeff rescued a lab cross puppy out of the dog pound. We named him Mutt so we had Mutt and Jeff roaming out in the pastures and doing whatever a boy and his dog might do. Since Jeff was a Calvin and Hobbs fan he had lots of ideas, most of them were: let’s say creative. I could say more but I just do not have enough time right now to tell you about it. Mutt on the other hand was a little more helpful. Jack, the old dog that we had taught the pup how the kill raccoons and skunks. Now before all of you nature lovers get excited, the coons were a real problem and I do not think we put much of a dent in the population. The dogs just got part of the ones that were doing what they should not be doing. So Mutt was a wonderful asset to our family. The problem started with Mutt attempting to howl with the coyotes. He is not very good. He makes the most horrible noise than you can imagine. The howling goes as long as the coyotes howl. Even the neighbors have heard him from their home.
We took in Moms dog, Billy who barks at everything and anything. The big thing with him is thunder, not that we have had a lot of that lately, but when it does he will chase the thunder all over the place. If thunder could be caught Billy would have had it. He has not gotten the knack of howling but he can out bark any wild animal. You would think that they would get hoarse from all of the noise they create.
Now that I got the Great Dane, Jake, Mutt has taken on the task of teaching Jake how to howl as well. Mutt should know that are some things that must not be passed on; howling and moaning is one of them. Jennifer makes sure that the Dane is in the house before she has her first attempt to sleep since he does not howl in the house, yet. Mutt could come in but since he is getting on in years instead of killing skunks he just annoys them at the front door of the house and of course he gets quite smelly not to mention the front door. I do not know if you realize that when a skunk sprays, if hits vinyl siding it is the most awful yellow oil that is almost impossible to remove. Jim and I have been trying to get it off but it is just terrible. If you come to my front door you will not want to stay long.
We do love our dogs but just like anything else they can be real stinkers.

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