Monday, March 27, 2006

Country Gal March 28

Country Gal by Vanita Blundell 3-28-06
I like to watch commercials. Which is a good thing since it seems that most of your favorite TV shows are mostly advertisements. But I have notice a sad change. The sign in a cafĂ© window that said “home cooking” was a plus and you would want to eat there as commercial food was not what most people were looking for. Now in the commercials they advertise that the canned soup is your favorite restaurant soup not what your grandmother made. This makes me little sad. Frankly, I have not been that impressed with soup from restaurants unless it was homemade.
Here in our community we are in a mother lode of great cooks. We have some ladies in Comanche County that I would put up against any famous restaurant. One of the greatest compliments that I ever get is when someone asks for a recipe. The only thing is that most of the time mine is not original; they are some that someone else was gracious enough to give to me. I have a couple of Bob Pierces recipes. He was one of the best cooks I have had the pleasure to work with. It gives you a nice feeling when you are making something special and you remember that person. Bob and I cooked at the Christian Church many times. Bob always said what he thought.
I have been accused of putting way to much thought in food. When we go on vacation I like to plan our trip by meals and where we are going to eat. When we went to Jennifer’s wedding, back in 2003, on the way home I wanted to go to a restaurant where they advertise the hand thrown roll. I had been thinking about it for days. This particular eating establishment was in Springfield Mo. And as most sportsmen know that there is a Bass Pro Shop in Springfield there, as well. So on the way we had discussed purchasing his gun and I was going to eat in a neat place. I had my taste buds all worked up for ‘Lamberts’ and Jeff was determined to buy a gun. By the time we got to Springfield it was getting late, we drove up to Lamberts and it was packed out. The guys started to whine that it would take to long to get seated and they would not have time to shop in the sports store. So being the only girl in the car I was out voted. So instead of eating in a restaurant with a fun atmosphere they made me eat at a sandwich shop that was across the street. For some ridiculous reason they thought it almost the same thing why after all I could see the building from where I was sitting. So I thought that we could shop at Walmart for firearms and call it a great day! But then again I was out voted and we went to the Sports store. The men did not want to wait to eat but they did not mind waiting 45 minutes for someone to help them with their purchase. That place was so busy you could not move without bumping into someone. I was not that impressed. Now I am still waiting to go back to Springfield and do what I want to do.

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