Monday, April 30, 2007

Country Gal by Vanita Blundell May 1, 2007

It seems that spring is leaving us so quickly that I am not getting a chance to enjoy it. Life is too short not to notice the beautiful sunsets and I have heard that there have been some wonderful sunrises.
This past weekend I was able to attend Jeff and Chelsea’s wedding shower. Things are so different than they were when I was little. I think one of the first showers I remember going to was a cousin who was a registered nurse. I was asked to be a table attendant. There was another little girl who helped also, but I can not remember who she was. Mom made us little nurses’ caps. It was when nurses wore the white, starched uniforms and white hose with white caps with black lines going across the top. One line was a LPN and two lines meant that she was an RN. I was so nervous to help or maybe it was Mom who was nervous about me dispensing the gifts to the head table. Yes - it was definitely Mom. At that time everyone always received sheets, lots and lots of sheets. Now who knows what size of bed people have. Sometimes they received fancy P.J.s - I thought that was really neat with all that lace and frilly stuff. At that time the couple did not go to the stores and register for what they wanted or needed and what color they needed to go with the d├ęcor of their home. But they did pick out a china pattern. Some brides might still do that. Do you remember going into the Drug Store to see the pretty patterns of the china that the new bride hoped to acquire? Sometimes you can tell a lot about the bride by the pattern she chose. If it was plain the bride would be a quiet, but elegant woman- If she chose something elaborate she might be a vibrant and animated person. This was not always true- but sometimes.
From time to time the department stores would give the couple a really cool gift from their store.
It was uncommon that the groom attended the shower unless the location of the shower was in his home town and no one knew the bride-to-be. But I like having the groom in attendance they add a lot to the festivities.
I still have a towel or two and I received from my shower almost 30 years ago. They are a little ragged and worn, but I hate to get rid of them. The ladies at the People State Bank gave me a little hand mixer and it just quit about two years ago I think that I got their moneys worth. I used it often.
Showers are always plenty of fun and a great deal of hard work for the Hostess and her helpers, but when the time comes everything works out fine and the punch and cake is so good with lots of excitement and entertainment.
The one thing that has not changed is the generosity of the Comanche County people. It is certainly appreciated.

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