Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Country Gal by Vanita Blundell May 15, 2007

Another Mothers Day has come and gone. This one was uneventful- but it was the last one that we will have with Jeff as a single, foot-loose, fancy-free man. He is certainly ready for the big day- Jeff and Chelsea will get married this coming Saturday. We have been anxiously waiting for this day. The next time I write this article I will have a new daughter in-law. I have never had a daughter in-law and I hope that I can be a good one. I really do not want to be the kind of mother in-law that the jokes are about. I do hope that she does not hold me totally accountable for Jeff. His father and I tried and tried to do the best we could- but I make no promises- and there are no warranties, either. Jeff is just who he is and there is no changing that. I always thought that if a boy did or did not do things like I thought they should be done then the mother did not do her job correctly. I was unaware that sometimes they come out of the womb being difficult. So I want Chelsea to know that we tried and we tried hard!
Actually, Jeff has been a delightful son and he is a good son. The first few years of his little - loud- defiant life was just a tiny bit annoying- but I have a remedy for that. I did the Mothers curse - I wished that he would have many children just like him- So you see, I already must apologize to Chelsea for that- I had no idea that he would find such a nice girl. But I can wait a few years for my revenge.
Chelsea wanted baby pictures of Jeff for the wedding. I told her she would have to ask Jeff why there were so few. I should add that I think that photographers that work with children have a very special place in heaven. Jeff hated to have his picture taken even as a baby. He was the little kid who stirred up the other kids while waiting in line to get their pictures taken. There would be a sweet family of 4 in their Sunday best and not a hair out of place and there I was with Jeff. He would start out behaving then he would decide that he would like to have something that belonged to photographer. After I told him no - that’s when he got his tail feathers ruffled - he would yell and tell me that it was not fair and that the photographer was being selfish. Then, this would get all of the other kids to cry, yell and worst of all- whine. Then I would get the look- all of you mothers know that look- It is the look no woman ever wants to see. It is the look of total and pure disgust. The other mothers had worked so hard to get their children ready for a photo and here in just a few short seconds my son has single-handedly destroyed all of their efforts. Kids would be howling and then I would have to take little Jeffey out of the line and try another day, but usually that day never came. I know how my dad would have handled the situation. It would not have been pretty- at all -and the photo would have been something to remember. But if I would have followed all of his advice and parenting skills- I might be out of my 10 to 20 year prison term by now - if I had implemented most of his suggestions. So that is why there are not many photos of Jeff.
But Jeff has grown into a fine, hard working, young man and I know that he loves Chelsea dearly. I know this because she got him to take engagement photos and he did it without causing a scene.
His father and I wish the newlyweds all the luck in the world. And I know that the family of Jeff and Chelsea Blundell will never be boring or quite- And who would want it any other way?

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