Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Country Gal by Vanita Blundell May 29, 2007

This has been a full week for us. We were privileged to go to the Martina McBride concert in Wichita on Sunday. Jim and I took in all of the work that went on to get the show ready for the performance, and all of the trucks and busses and personnel that it takes to put on a show. The promotional people- caters - roadies - custodial and of course, the security is very tight and no one can get in without the correct paper work. It does not matter who you are or your connection with the performers. Rodney Atkins was the first to perform. He sang “Lil’ Buckaroo” and “If you’re going thru Hell“ along with a few other songs on his album. Little Big Town was there to open for Martina, as well. They were all wonderful.
The newlyweds came home Friday after five fun filled days in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. They were happy to be home and anxious to get their lives started as a couple. They returned home to find the house they were to begin married life in, not in the condition that Jeff had left it. Neil Baker, Jim and I had mowed their yard and I got his laundry caught up and just tidied up a bit. But when the kids got home something very odd had occurred. Someone had moved the cement horse to the front door and put balloons around his neck. They had also moved their trucks, back bumper to back bumper and chained them together. There were empty cans strung on the trucks from side mirror to side mirror. The trucks were also plastic wrapped together and also over the cabs so you could not get in without tearing the plastic wrap off. The perpetrators also switched the ignition keys. Since Jeff had no canned goods the ‘vandals’ purchased some and removed the labels. Inside there were a few other things done, all in good humor. Jeff and Chelsea were shocked that some of the people that they know would take the time to tantalize them. Well, maybe not shocked- as Jeff would probably have done the same thing to any of his friends.
Wedding pranks are not always funny I have heard of some really awful shenanigans. It seems that it is traditional to decorate the vehicle that the couple drive away. Some have had their vehicles hidden, while others had theirs filled with packing peanuts, newspaper and assorted other things. This was one the worst that I have heard of- the newlywed couple got in their car and someone had lined the vents of the air conditioner with pepper and the fan was on high so it would blow the pepper right at them. The only problem was it blew directly into their eyes. That put a damper on their honeymoon. When you take off in a limo that does not arrive until the happy couple are ready to leave then the pranksters must do something else. So they feel the urge to go to the couples home or apartment to short-sheet the beds, put Vaseline on the doorknobs- put clear plastic wrap over the toilet seat- switch all labels on canned goods- unscrew all of the light bulbs in the house- and just move everything around. So it is important that the bride and groom keep their sense of humor. You know the saying ‘do not get mad get even‘.

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