Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Country Gal by Vanita Blundell

It is harvest time once again. Harvest at our house was not always a happy time. With the repairs, the weather and the long hours sometimes attitudes were a little testy. Mom was nervous for Dad, as it seemed that we were always going to Pratt, or Harper for repairs. Mom and I would go for dad from time to time- that rarely seemed to work out as the parts man would tell us- “this repair that you brought is obsolete- but do not be distressed- we have an adapter that your husband can add on. All you have to do ( you know you are in trouble when they start with “all you have to do”) is to drill two little holes and here are the screws for that and then add this new part to it. I know it looks like it will not work but when your husband sees this he will know exactly what to do.” That was exactly what I was afraid of, he knew what to do all right- one look at the adapter- then he got the look- this was not pleasant- he would start out trying to use the adapter and then sometimes the adapter would end up in the strangest places. But normally - he would just yell a lot.
Sometimes I would get to go with Dad, but it was not a fun trip. We would visit and laugh a little but there was an underlying of urgency. Once Dad had gone to Bucklin to get repairs, the parking lot was on a slope- somehow the pick-up had gotten out of gear and rolled down the parking lot across the highway and hit a road sign and knocked it down. He came barreling out of the store to see that his vehicle was not where he had left it. This was the time of year that Dad did not stop and talk for a long time, he was in a big hurry this particular time as the weather was building and he needed to get back in the field as soon as possible. Just as he found his pick-up some man came up to him and inquired if he was indeed the owner of the truck- He said yes and the man told him he was under “citizens arrest”. Dad thought he was kidding, but then found out that the man was very serious. They had called the sheriff and the sheriff said that since this was a state highway they would have to call the highway patrol. The highway patrolman was a ways off but said that he would be there to see what he could do about this criminal that had been apprehended. So Dad had to wait with the sheriff for 2hours until the patrolman got there. When the patrolman saw what had happened and that it was an accident he told Dad that he was sorry for the inconvenience, and that these things happen all the time and not to worry about it. He did not have to pay for the sign- but it cost him the whole afternoon. By the time he got home he was a little on edge. I think if Dad ever saw the man who put him under “citizens arrest” he might have had to arrest him again only it would have been a different charge.

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