Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Country Gal by Vanita Blundell July 12, 2007

Well it is the time of year that Grandchildren are spending time with their grandparents. I know I have talked to lots of people who talk about how much fun they had as children going to their grandparents place for the summer. I hope that the grandchildren know that spending time with their grandparents was just as wonderful for the grandparents as it was for them. I think that when kids who live in town that get to spend time on the farm is such a change from what they are used to. When you can go down to the creek and get your feet all gooey and get all dirty and then get hosed off with the garden hose. And getting dirty was not necessarily a bad thing. Making mud pies and learning that just because they are called pies you really do not eat them. Finding a nest of kittens or baby chickens and getting chased by the ole’ hen was always exciting. Gathering eggs was fun for the grandkids until they found a snake in the nest.
I can remember when Vickie would let her kids stay with us. Since I was 12 years old when Vickie had Sheila I had the opportunity to play with her while she vacationed with the folks. In view of the fact that she was the first niece and the first baby I had ever been around I thought she was the most wonderful and the most beautiful little girl God had ever created. There is something about the first one, it is not that you love them more than the other nieces and nephews they were just the first. If Vickie and Randy had not let the kids come for a visit I would have never gotten acquainted with them. Sometimes we got them during harvest. You might think that was not a good time, but it was as it nice to have new life in the house. Vickie had Mike year and couple months after Sheila so we would get both of them at the same time. They were so special. I just could not wait for our time to come so we play with the little ones.
One year Mom and Dad had a garden and Mom went out to dig some potatoes and Mike informed her that his mother bought clean potatoes not dirty one like those. Mike was always the one who wanted to help with everything. He was a fun little guy to have around.
We wondered what Sheila would call the Mom and Dad as Randy’s parents lived close to Vickie and Randy and grandma and grandpa names were already taken. Kids have a way of telling the grandparents apart without any help from us. Dad thought Sheila was just wonderful and he really liked to tease her. So one day when she was very little and was just learning how to talk, she saw a picture of Dad she said, “Oh! Ha ha Pa pa.” So for years Dad was Ha Ha Pa Pa. That really tickled Dad. It is amazing that she thought that- since she did spend time with us during harvest that she thought he was ha ha anything.

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