Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Country Gal by Vanita Blundell July 4, 2007

When I was growing up it was a goal at our house to have the wheat cut by the 4th of July. If we were not done Mom was not in the mood to go town. It was real hard for her when people would ask if we were done with harvest. Dad’s mood was not perky to say the least. I can not imagine how he would have been this year- I am sure that would have been a lot of tears. I enjoyed harvest - riding the combine with Dad or sitting in the wheat truck and going into town to the elevator. If things went just right and harvest was over and Dad thought that he could afford it he would buy a few fireworks. Oh, that was so exciting! Virgil showed me how to do the snakes and when I got older we blew up ant dens with firecrackers. We quickly learned that when you blow up ant dens to RUN away from the den as the ants that were air born would land in your hair and shirts, ants do bite and it hurts. Virgil was a great older brother he taught me all kinds of important things like how to strategically place the firecracker that would make the biggest hole. After I married Jim, he showed me how to blow up gourds. The gourds are like little grenades. They were a lot of fun. The firecrackers now do not have the kick that they used to. That is probably because of all of the fingers, eyes, burn holes in legs arms and other places and hearing people lost during this time of celebration.
This year will be different than in the past years. We usually stay at home - and go to Myrna Bumgarner’s but this 4th we have been invited to go to Sharon and celebrate with the Sharon folk as they are dedicating their city park. When I went over to Sharon during Christmas they had nice decorations in the park. For such a small town I was impressed that they had any thing at all. We will miss Myrna’s cookout as she is such a good hostess. She always makes sure her guests are well taken care of.
I wish you all a great, and safe 4th of July.

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