Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Country Gal by Vanita Blundell Oct. 9, 2007

Last week we had to say good-bye to my Aunt Alma Haas. She was the last of Dads sisters to leave this ol’ world. Aunt Alma had a hard life- but she was a fighter she had gone thru many hardships, which was not uncommon for those who grew up during the depression. When we had family reunions she was always on top of the game-, she was a great cook and always looked like a million bucks. She worked hard and she never broke a sweat- I could do the same thing and I would look like I had been drug thru a knothole. I never knew her secret. Alma had two children - one boy - Jim Huddleston and one daughter Liz Dean. The neat thing about having children is that you are never really gone. You leave a little bit of you behind when you go.
This past weekend Mom and I got to be a part of the city wide garage sale- this was due to Deanna and John Chenoweth. Deanna wanted to bring some things to sell from Texas, so she did all of the legwork to get in on the city wide sales. They brought some awesome stuff. Mother decided that since Deanna was selling some stuff that she would sell some of her things as well. We had a good time Saturday visiting with all of the shoppers. Everyone looking for a good deal- and we were willing to give them a bargain you could not refuse. Some were looking for that one certain item; others just seeing what was there. People are so much fun to watch. You can see sisters and friends shopping, it is a way for mothers and daughters to have a good time. Some of the men look like they would rather take a beating than be there, but they are smiling in the hopes that the torture will end soon. No telling what the women had to promise to get them to go and to carry all of their numerous treasures to the car, time after time. Of course, the car had to be parked several blocks away. You can tell the husbands that are not crazy about his wife’s purchases as they are muttering to themselves about where they are going to put this new acquisition. Some men are mumbling about having to build another shelf- Others are just softly sobbing and quietly praying that this will be their last trip to the car or if not maybe, they could be hit by an on-coming car and get them out of their misery.
When I go bargain hunting I love find pretty dishes, plates, bowls, etc… - Jim likes tools- Jennifer likes drinking glasses- Jeff is not a shopper, but he does prefer garage sales to auctions-
What is surprising is what sells- the things that you are certain will sell right off are the things that end up in the free pile and the things that you think are a waste of time to even set out are the first things to go. Life is funny that way-

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