Monday, August 14, 2006

Country Gal by Vanita Blundell 8-15-06

Country Gal by Vanita Blundell 8-15-06
It RAINED!!! I hope every one of you remembered to thank the Good Lord for the moisture. I have had a theory- the Lord gives us a little rain to see if we are thankful then he decides if he will gives us any more. Just a theory mind you- just a theory.
Friday we went to Tulsa to see Jim’s mom. She is still having Chemo-treatments one day- every other week. On the way home we stopped and bought a damaged wading pool. This is for the up coming puppies that Josie is to have. I got it just in time as she went into labor Saturday evening. Being the vet that I am not, this was a very long and drawn out ordeal. I have come to one conclusion I would rather help a cow calve than to watch a dog give birth. Or I feel more confident in what should happen next or at least what things look like. I could get in more detail but I think you get the idea. Why is it that things like this always happen on the weekends and in the evenings?
Since I (really it was Jim) did not want Josie to have the puppies in the house we took the wading pool with blankets out on the deck and we waited. As Josie was trying to do her thing, poor Jake was the nervous daddy-to- be- he just paced back and forth and side to side. I thought that I should get him to boil water to keep him busy- but what would a dog do with boiling water? I made a pallet and slept on the deck with her all night long. No puppy- We went to Sunday school and Church came home- no puppy - then we had company so Josie had more alone time and some peace still no puppy. I thought that she had lost her babies and I was in for a vet bill. When the kids were getting ready for bed they heard an odd squealing sound outside their window and sure enough there was one little black puppy.
So I am happy to report that I am the proud owner of one, just one, puppy so far. It was like Josie had one and she said that was enough- I can not say that I blame her- this is the noisiest pup I have ever heard. I would like to have had at least two but I will take what I can get. Jake, was one of sixteen puppies- I do not think that I want sixteen puppies to contend with the first time out of the gate. But one pup will be hard not to get attached to since I have every intention of selling this one.
At our house this week looks like it will be a ‘dogs life’ whatever that means.

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