Monday, August 21, 2006

Country Gal- Vanita Blundell---5-03-05

This was for sure a memorable week. We had the privilege of helping Daryl Schiff and The Barber County Historical Society with the Martina McBride show that was held in the new Community Center in Medicine Lodge. I made cookies and donated a few white elephants for their auction. Jim helped finish up the parking markers and helped direct traffic for the shows. We also helped in the concessions while the auction and Celebrity Auction was going on, which was a good idea so I would not even be tempted. Then I was the emcee for the two shows at1:00 and 7:00. It was an honor to be asked to introduce Martina McBride, Marty Schiff, Miss Kansas, Miss Micah Thom, Daryl Schiff and Gene Winter.
What was so impressive was all of the volunteers that were there to help with the playground, in Medicine Lodge, that was the recipient of the Humanitarian Award. They came from all over the United States to help with the playground and anything else that needed to be done. I think that the Show and Auction was Jeanne Schiff’s ‘brain child’ and she put her energy into getting everything done just right. The Medicine Lodge people were in full force with the organization and the ‘know how’ to make it a great success.
Martina and all of her family were gracious and kind to everyone. She put on a wonderful show. It is nice to see families work and play together, not only the Schiff’s but there were other families involved as well.
Seeing Martina and her dad sing together could not help but make me a little envious. I can remember Vickie and Dad singing together, and how much they enjoyed that connection. Most of us girls have that special bond with there dads.
I think that people working together can accomplish great things. Nothing is impossible to do if you can keep focused. You may not think that you do anything, but if you are pleasant to people and try to overlook the faults of others you will be an inspiration and nothing is out of reach. I guess the older I get I can see how negative thoughts and actions can be so destructive. Which brings me back to a little verse in Proverbs Dad liked to say ‘A merry heart doth like a medicine, but a broken spirit dryth up the bones’.

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