Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Country Gal Nov. 28, 2006

Country Gal by Vanita Blundell Nov. 28, 06
Life is full of puzzles and if your life is not puzzling enough - you can actually purchase any kind of torture you would like to mess with your brain - eyes - and patience. Not to mention it can drain your bank account. Mom started to do the crossword puzzle in the newspaper. She would ask me questions that she did not know. I was impressed that I actually knew something helpful. What mom and I did not know we used the very ragged, cornered crossword dictionary unless Vickie is here and she knows stuff. Mom and I have always joked that we share a brain.
While I was cooking in New Mexico I found Mom a doubled sided, horse shaped, puzzle. It is really hard but she is getting it done. The Thanksgiving guests helped out some and gave it them something to do as we visited.
My niece, Wendy, does the sudoku puzzles. I had never seen one worked before. She was showing me how they work and how to do them. I thought that they looked like fun so I got a book and I think that I like the crossword puzzles better. But they are fun; even Jeff likes some of them.
Mother does not buy the crossword books- why you might wonder since she loves the do the one in the paper? Well, it is because my mother who I love very much is a cheater. If she has the answers in the back of the book she cannot help herself when she gets stuck on a word, she looks in the back and cheats. That is why she likes the puzzles in the paper since she cannot get the answers until the next day.
Mom and I work the crossword while we are on the road. We were traveling to Wichita the other day and I had given her an answer and Mom said, “Vanita, I think that maybe you might be a little smarter than we had thought.” Thanks Mom, I think.

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