Monday, November 06, 2006

Country Gal by Vanita Blundell 11-07-06

I am slowly getting back in to the swing of things. When I got back on Friday from the Gila Wilderness -we had to get ready to sell calves. The cattle truck was to be at the pens by noon so this fat girl had to get to moving. We got the calves in good time only because I had good help and then we had to get some bills paid just like everyone else. On Tuesday the calves sold and we worked on the trailer lights. I know what you are thinking why worry about the lights after we got the calves to town. We had to get the lights working so we could take the trailer to my brothers- Virgil’s- on Wednesday - to help him move all of his shop stuff. Or at least we thought we had the lights working- We had just left Coffeeville a little ways and we realized that we had no running lights on the trailer. We had brake and turning lights just no tail lights or clearance lights. We pulled over at a quick stop and tried to find where our problem was. Jim decided to just rewire the lights. We were working hard trying to get everything working when a fellow pull up besides us and saw our dilemma- he said, “you oughtta do what I do- just like *#** and get to where you are going”. Jim told him that would work just fine if we did not have another four and half hours left to travel and we had to go thru Joplin and we would be on the interstate. The guy gave us his condolences and left. He was great help. But we got the lights working and we were on our way and made it without any more problems.
Virgil and Karen have lived in Waynesville for over a little over 25 years. They are moving to Minneola Kansas. Virgil will be the minister at the Christian Church in Minneola.
What can I say- Virgil is Vernie Whites son. He had all kinds of stuff - but we did get it all in the trailer. It is amazing what one collects after a few years. One of the guys that was helping load up stuff ask if there was no scrap metal in Kansas. Virgil had everything organized and it did not take long to get things packed, tied, secured, and locked down. We left the next morning and so now I think that I am home for a while now. What is left to see is if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

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