Sunday, December 28, 2008

Country Gal by Vanita Blundell---Oct. 1, 2008

Christmas is not the only time a person is anxious. I get excited like a child when I think that I am going to get something new or different- it can be almost anything. I guess it does not take much to ring my bell. I am in the process of looking at a different horse. Horses are really cheap since there is an over abundance of our equine friends. I think shopping for them is more fun than actually making that final decision.
When I was growing up Mom and I went shopping sometimes Dad went with us. He would make us buy a pair of shoes even if we did not like them. This was the rule, only if, we had made the shoe clerk get out tons of shoes. This was the era of shoes stores and they had clerks who would help you purchase the correct size and the correct shoe for the occasion that had brought you into the store in the first place. I love shoes and have more than I probably need- but then I think most of us have more things than we need- not want - but need.
I enjoyed going to the auction on Sunday afternoon- It was a pleasant day and it seemed that people were really enjoying themselves- I had the opportunity to see a classmate that I had not seen in quite sometime. Kathy Adams was in my class at school and always had such a delightful personality. I must say that the years have been very kind to her as she looks wonderful. I do not think that it is fair that some people just wake up in the mornings and look good- while the rest of us have to spend hours to be presentable- if we do not, we scared small children.
A good way to spend an afternoon is at an auction. They are a good source of entertainment - at these kinds of sales you never know what things will bring- sometimes you just shake your head and think ‘what are they thinking?’. Usually things that are practical go dirt cheap and things that you can live a long and happy life without - the price is high. You never know what some people think is valuable- I can remember I was at a sale one time and a lady got really mad because someone kept out bidding her- I do not see why you would get upset after getting out bid it just means that the other person either wanted it more than you - besides after all there will be another auction.

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