Sunday, December 28, 2008

Nov. 4, 2008

Country Gal by Vanita Blundell
We have been busy just like everyone else. After I got home, I needed to get a pair of horses that I purchased. I am hoping to spend many hours in the saddle- and that might prove to be a little uncomfortable for a while - but if I live thru it - it will be worth the pain and agony to get back into shape and enjoy what I love most.
We gathered our calves last Monday, and Jim and I were so tired when we finished. We had trouble getting to sleep. I told Jim that I could not find a comfy position to sleep- Jim told me there is no comfort- just find a position that hurts the least and go from there. I was tried his method and it must have worked but I kept hearing a terrible noise- it was a whimpering and groaning sound and it was as if someone was in a lot of pain. I could not figure out where it was coming from- then I realized that I was sleeping and the mournful sound was me. Nothing pains me more than to admit that there are times when I might snore or make some sort of rack in my sleep. Now I guess there is no question that I am almost as noisy in my sleep as I am when I am awake.
After we finished getting the cattle taken care of, I decided to saddle up and try out my new mare. I am thinking she will be a really good old lady horse. She saddled up nice and did not give me any trouble at all. The one problem that I am having is getting my foot up high enough to get in the stirrup. I would like to blame it on my jeans being a little too tight. But, in truth I am just out of shape- even though round is a shape. I cheated the first time- I mounted her from the flat bed trailer. I know that was childish but you do what works for you. I rode around the barn a little then I thought I would go out in the pasture and check things out. That went really well- then I decided that I would go open a gate that had been shut while we were gathering the cattle. That was going very well until we rode though the little tiny flies. It is amazing what you forget when you think back about things, I had forgotten about the bugs. Why is it when it is a beautiful day that you have to have bugs? They were terrible- they swarmed all over the mare and me. She was trying to get them off of her while I was swinging my arms wildly at the flying insects to get them off of me. I just knew she was going to pile me when she ducked her head but instead she lifted her front foot and was trying to remove the bugs from her face. After we got through the bugs without anyone getting hurt-, I had to get off to open the gate. I must admit that it felt good to get off for a few minutes- but getting back on seemed to cause me some stress. I have found that the mare stands fairly well if she is in an enclosed pen, not so much in the wide open. Getting the foot in the stirrup was not any easier than it was when I started- but thank goodness, I was not where any one could see me - I finally made it back on to the horse. However, with all aches and pains it was worth it and I enjoyed the time I had riding maybe not like when I was 10 but grateful that I could still get in saddle. It will be easier next time.
After I write this article, I will go down to the polls and cast my ballot. I feel that it is a privilege to be able to have a say in our country. It seems that freedoms all over the world are getting fewer but we are still able to vote and let our voices count. I hope that all of you voted to have your voice heard as well. This election for me has been the most crucial election that I have had the opportunity to vote. Regardless of who wins, I think that our country is in for many changes.

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