Sunday, December 28, 2008

Nov. 25, 2008

Country Gal by Vanita Blundell
Last week was a tough one. I not only lost my female Dane, Josie, but my male, Jake died also. I know that they were just dogs- but they were my buddies. Jake usually slept in our bed and Josie slept at my feet when Jim left for work. In the past 3 years when Jim was spending weekend or two with his mom while she was in the Tulsa Cancer Hospital- the dogs were a lot of company for me. I am really going to miss them. I can not remember when I have been without a dog. So I am in the market for a companion of the canine variety.
Christmas has Santa Claus- Easter has the Easter Bunny- New Years has the New Years Baby- Valentines has Cupid- Thanksgiving has squat! I can not believe that someone has not come up with some sort of gimmick. The main thing is that we try to almost forget Thanksgiving so we can get to the commercialization of Christmas. The stores start their sales early in the morning after Thanksgiving- I mean really early- so if you want to get to the early bird sales and save some cash you need to get to bed early Thanksgiving night-this cuts into my visitation time with family. I guess that I am getting old and cranky. I do not like change or anything getting in the way of my time with my family.
Since Thanksgiving is here already I am busy getting ready for family. This year our family, which is the White Cousins, are getting together, but I do not have to fix as much of the meal as I have done in the past. In fact, I feel sort of guilty. But we have so many good cooks that we will have a good meal but more importantly we will be together.
I just love hearing some of the same old stories and the stories of cousins tell about their childhood- Some of my favorite story tellers are Jim and Mike Jesseph. They have some wonderful stories and I laugh till I cry. I wonder sometimes how any of us grew up. Most of the stories you hear, are not what you will read about in the baby books- If the stories were published it would probably put an end to the human race. Virgil has some good tales, as well. Vickie likes to get her yarns in, too. Mom always says that she does not remember any of our adventures. I think that she has blocked most of them out- probably a defense mechanism.
We also have many stories of the family members that have gone on before us. Janet Marsh is our family historian she has all kinds of pictures and is full of information. Virgil has quite bit knowledge on the Alley Family.
Sheryl White is our family pianist- I am hoping that we will get to do a sing a-long. We like to sing- and talk and talk and talk--
I sincerely hope that all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving- if you can not spend it with family I hope that you get to spend it with friends- While we gather and have fun I do want you to forget to give thanks. This is a blessed country we live in and we need to be grateful. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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