Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Country Gal by Vanita Blundell 12-27-06

We have survived another Christmas. It is amazing how each Christmas is different. It is never how it was when you were a kid. It seems that maybe a little magic is gone. Maybe I just may feel that way since our kids are grown up and we do not have any little ones anxiously awaiting Santa. Or the look on the little ones face when you finally get the last ornament and the last string of lights on tree and it lights up.
I have received e-mails from families with their family photos. Those are so nice to look at and see how the children have grown and sometimes with kids of their own. I also received several e-mails from people that I have done business with in the dog world. Several had asked if I could send them an email with photos of my Great Danes. I thought I could do that fairly easy. That is my trouble, I think that most things are easy to accomplish. Well, they are not. Jennifer and I thought that we would like to get a photo of the dogs by the Christmas tree. Not a good idea. First of all their tails are a lethal weapon and getting them to stand by the tree without them wagging their tails and nearly knocking the tree over or at the very least taking out the lower half of all the ornaments and icicles is an impossible task. We finally got the dogs safely away from the tree but close enough to make a nice background, we thought we were very nearly finished - wrong again. Have you ever tried to get two not-so-bright dogs to sit or stand together and look the same direction at the same time for just an instant? It is almost impossible to do. When you get the right look, then the camera has shut its self off or the battery has run down. By the time I had worked with them, for what seemed like hours-it was not hours it just felt like that- I could care less if I ever took another picture again as long as I live. I had considered throwing the camera as far as I could and beating the dogs to death. But I did not do either of those things. I really thought taking pictures of Jake and Josie (the dogs) would be easier to do than when Jennifer and Jeff (our kids) were little. By the time you get them cleaned up and dressed up and kept in a good humor, which rarely happened all at the same time. That was difficult to accomplish. It does not hold a candle to getting my dogs to pose for a snap shot. I now have a new appreciation for those people who take pet photos for a living. The worst thing is after we went through all of that, I found a decent picture that I had taken this fall that was better than any of the ones we took by the tree. Life is funny, right?

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