Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Country Gal by Vanita Blundell Jan. 16, 07

When you travel what do you do? Do you sing- read- listen to music or do you just sit back and enjoy the scenery? When I was growing up we had a 30 minute ride home so we did different things. We would sing, tell jokes, tell the about our day. The last week in December Giz, Jennifer Jim and I went to Tulsa to see Jim’s mom. She was at the Cancer Treatment Center for a chemo treatment. On our way home Jennifer had purchased a personality test book. It has several tests about different areas in your character. After taking 200 miles worth of various tests I think that I am a nut. But that should not surprise any of you. We had so much fun discussing the questions and how our minds work. It asked questions about hypnosis - whether you vote for someone who has ever gone to a psychiatrist - do you ever see shapes in the clouds- do you ever look at something long enough that it takes on another form (of course it does, I was the only one who would admit it)- etc.. The one good thing is that I was not the only crazy person in the car or not. It is fun to see how different people interpret and answer the same question. I am afraid that if Giz would have known what kind of family he was marrying into he would have ran to the hills never to be seen or heard of again.
Lately I have been having a problem of hearing Jim. Or maybe I just am not paying any attention when he talks. I have been told by various men that their wives suffer from the same thing. Well, men, let me tell you something- If you tell your wife (or the lady in your life) something and she do not answer you, perhaps she did not hear you. It is a simple thing- I know that Jim says he has told me things, sometimes really important things, and I have no recollection that he even mentioned it. When he says that he told me - my response is ‘did I answer you back’- his response is always, ‘no’. Well then, I did not hear you. So men if want your wife to hear and understand you just talk to her and make sure she answers you back. Now I am not saying that women are not bright or we intentionally tune out the men in our lives. I am saying that while the TV or radio is on and the water is running along with the dishwasher and your husband mumbles something in the bathroom as he flushes the toilet you just might not hear him. I know that men hear and pay attention to each and every word we speak and could repeat verbatim what we say each and every day. And they do everything just the way we want it done. Sometimes women fall short and we do not do things the way, the men want them done.
So men just do not yell from the door that the house is on fire then run off expecting her to take care of the situation, please, make sure she heard what you said. That is all we ask.

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