Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Country Gal by Vanita Blundell March 06, 2007

We were saddened by the loss of Lewis Reed. He will be missed by many. Dad teased Lewis something awful, and he took it all in stride. He was one of a very few people who always referred to my mom as Mrs. White. He always had a good heart towards his fellow man.
Joan Hickman called Myrna Bumgarner to let us know that my Aunt Hazel Renard had passed away. Joan, is Hazels oldest daughter. Hazel was 93 years old and was living in Mesa, Arizona. She had moved in with Joan and Bud as she was having some difficulty living by herself. Hazel was an older sister by two years to Dad. Bob White and Alma Haas are the only 2 of the 6 kids still living. Dad’s family has been very fortunate for the times they lived in. All 6 kids lived to see their children grown and many grandchildren. They survived World War I and II- the depression- Korean War- the Vietnam Conflict- the man on the moon - and all but Uncle Vic got the see the Millennium change. They have been truly blessed by a long and productive life.
Sometimes I think the world is trying to drive me crazy. I know that some might say that it would be a very short trip. But I was told in church Sunday that Daylight Saving time was this weekend. I was sure that it is too early to change our clocks up. As I was certain that it is the first Sunday in April. I am not sure who decides to deprive me of an hour of my much loved sleep, but I wish they would make up their mind.
I have heard many things for the time change and the arguments against it. I do like to have that extra time in the evenings - One lady was telling me that she really likes to have that extra daylight so she can run after a hard days work. That is not I want to do with my extra hour. Jim likes that extra time to get things done on the farm in the evenings.
When the kids were small it was difficult to get them in bed at night when the sun is still shining brightly in their bedrooms. For those who have to travel east in the mornings to work it I would think that it would be exasperating since you have fought with the sun in your eyes and just when it is about right somebody decides that we need to start all over again and put that pesky sun right back in your vision.
For the farmer, however the time change means very little. He gets up with the sun and if he is lucky he gets to hit the sack when the sun goes down. He just knows that in the beginning of spring as the days grow longer he has more daylight to get ready for the spring crops.
I can remember that when I was still in school I sure did like to have that extra sunlight as that gave me more time to ride horses and spend some really good time with Dad. It also meant that school year was coming to a close and that always made me smile.

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