Sunday, March 11, 2007

Country Gal by Vanita Blundell March 13, 2007

Winter is winding down, but I can not help but remember going to Grandma Cary’s house to do the laundry. We lived on the Perry Wall place and our water was not good to do the wash. All of the whites turned a rusty - red color. We somehow had no trouble in drinking the water. I always thought that was why none of us ever broke any arms or legs as we had plenty of minerals in our system. Grandma and Granddad had good water, so we took one day a week to do the laundry at their house.
I can remember very vividly going down the hill by the Frank Todd place, there were two double bridges. The bridges were low and more like culverts, but they were wooden had metal runners going across them. Sometimes when there was snow all you could see was the metal and you knew you were where you needed to be. Sometimes when it rained the water would wash the bridges out and Granddad would call us and we would have to go around the other way to get to their house. That was, of course, if the Mark Brown bridges had not washed out north of their home. If Dad was with us, he would wade out to see if the floor of the bridge was still there. If it was he would guide us across the water. I found all of this quite exciting. I could tell what happened if the bridge was out- but that is an entirely different story.
Even if it had snowed we braved the elements to get the laundry washed and dried, after all it was wash day. The Cary lane was usually snowed shut. If that was the case then we would go thru the pasture. I thought that Mom was really adventurous and brave to take the car in the pasture. Or maybe it was the frightened look Mom had on her face and the death grip she had on the steering wheel that truly intrigued me.
Grandma needed help with Granddad as his health was failing so Mom and I moved in with them the winter of 1970. In view of the fact that Grandma did not drive - she was in need of assistance. This was during the school year and given that the mail carrier and the school bus used the lane, the county raised the lane, which helped a great deal with the snow tribulations.
Now with all the improvements, the much needed elevated, cement bridges at the Todd Place and extra gravel on the roads, the elevation of the lane. All of which are really enjoyed and immensely appreciated - there is something that I miss. Something that I cannot put my finger on- Maybe just maybe - could it be a youthful eye?

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