Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Country Gal by Vanita Blundell March 27, 2007

Country Gal by Vanita Blundell March 27, 2007
We have survived another Spring Break. I am afraid that I might have broken Jim. I think that when he gets time off from work he must just shudder at the thought of what I have thought up for him to do.
We knew that we need to get our cattle work started and do all sorts of things around the house- but as usual we found other things that need our attention more.
It is amazing how vehicles break down at the same time. It is like a virus. I had two trucks with problems and I need the trucks, so Jim had to work on them.
We were sad to see our renter move to Kansas City. She had rented our house in town for 16 years. She was a wonderful renter and a great lady- she never-ever complained even when she needed too. I hope that she will be happy at her new home. But since she has been in the house I have not done much to the inside and it was in need of some updating. I am peeling off the old wall paper on the walls. The ceiling had to come down as it was sagging. But the great thing is that Jennifer and Giz had just purchased a sheet rock jack. They let us try it out. For those of who are unaware of what this is - it is a piece of equipment that lifts and holds sheetrock on the ceiling while you secure the sheetrock in place. I do not who invented the sheetrock jack but I truly hope that he is a very rich and happy man. It is a wonderful invention. Jim hardly needed me there to help him. I guess that you would appreciate it more if you ever help hold sheet rock up while someone else puts in the screws or nails. When we built our house it never failed just as we got the sheetrock in place one of us would have to go to the bathroom or the phone would ring. I can let a phone ring and return the call later. Jim cannot do that, he informed me that would be rude not to answer.
We made carpet covered T’s to help hold the sheetrock in place, that worked alright, but Jim seemed to like for us (Jennifer and I) to hold the heavy - awkward hunk of gyp with our arms ‘til they cramped, or heads ‘til our necks were nearly squished to our fannies. Well, that might be a slight exaggeration, but it really hurts after awhile. If you just had a couple of pieces that would not be so bad - but a whole house is extremely painful. If I would have known that we could have purchased a jack, I would have gladly paid the price.
Now that Jim has the ceiling up,in the rental house, I need to get the ceiling taped, mudded, and sprayed. Jim is a wonderful fixer and can do almost anything - but mudding sheetrock is not he what he does best. Again, when we built our house, Jim would put on the mud and then asked me to sand it off. I told him if he wanted it off he should not have put it there in the first place. He told me that was very funny, and to get busy. If you have ever you sanded plaster, it is dry, of course, but when you breathe it in - your nose is moist - you know where I am going - a person can seal up their whole nasal passages not to mention ears and every pore in their skin. I very nearly plugged up my entire sinus system up with plaster- I blew out plaster balls for days. I know that you can get masks- but you look - you know strange- and I certainly would not want to look strange- and you breathe in your own hot air and that just does not sound healthy to me. And you know me I am all about style and health. So long story long- my marriage is not strong enough to go through that again.
But I have some painting, and various things to do. While we are doing all this, my next renter is being very patient and understanding. I hope that it will be ready for her soon.

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