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Country Gal by Vanita Blundell Sept. 04, 2007

Country Gal by Vanita Blundell Sept. 04, 2007
Another Labor Day has come and gone. This is the time of year that school should be starting instead of two or three weeks ago. I have mentioned before that school was not my favorite thing to do- but it did have its merits- such as recess - gym class- music - and lunch. I had a strong dislike for phonics - SRA readers- and nap time. As most of you know I went to school in Wilmore until it closed in 1971. I loved the playground at the school- there were two big trees that we found to be suitable for playing house in. We would pick weeds and make little brooms and we would clean out the bottom of the tree around the roots and make a playhouse there. We had found some left over coal and we used the coal for ‘gold‘. We would have our ‘husbands’ go out and get us some ‘money’ and the bad guys would rob them and we would spend the rest of the recess time chasing the robbers to get our ‘gold’ back. Now when I go back and look at the trees that we played in they do not look nearly as huge as I had remembered them and the roots that we sat on are not as big and wide as I had pictured in my mind. Of course, I am considerably larger now so I guess everything has a way of evening out.
We had music every year at Wilmore. I was annoyed when the Music teacher would teach us about time and notes and sometimes even about composers. I just liked to sing - but as I got older I realized how much I had learned. Mrs. Miller, Mr. Haynes, Mrs. Hosey, Mary Margaret Pierce, there is one more music teacher that I cannot recall, were our music teachers. But they had actually taught me something and it did not hurt one little bit. I can still remember the teacher with her pointer, pointing out notes on a board and she was showing us all about the different kind of notes and counting them.
I always liked P.E. class- we had two ropes that was attached to the ceiling of the gym and we took turns trying to climb to the very top. It scared me to death when I finally made it to what seemed like the top of the world. Almost everyone made it to the top at least once. I think, I was in fourth grade when we got the dreaded ‘peg board‘. The peg board was the worst thing. It had to have been inspired by the devil himself. It was a 2x12 board with large holes drilled in to it that was bolted to the wall. At the time, I thought that the board must have been 20 feet long. The idea was to climb to the top of the board by using a peg in each hand to climb the board. I do not think that I ever got past the first or second row of holes. It seemed to me that the first row of holes were, at least, five feet off the gym floor so I had to stand on my tippy toes to even get started. It was truly a terrifying experience. I always thought it was a ‘guy’ thing as the guys did not seem to have the problems with it as the girls did.
Then we had lunch time- Lunch at the Wilmore Grade School was great- Our last year there was the best- the other years were good, too, but the last year so extra special. Since there were only17 students- we had home cooked meals- We had fried chicken- always homemade bread. I am sure that all of the schools had good food as well- but I always thought we had the best.
Now I am older - my school days are over, the Wilmore School is gone, I doubt that I can climb any rope and I do not mind taking a nap once in a while, but I still love music and I still like lunches. It seems that life is ever changing and the only thing that is consistent, in this ole’ life of ours is inconsistency.

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