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Country Gal by Vanita Blundell Sept.11, 2007

Country Gal by Vanita Blundell Sept.11, 2007
I was sad to hear the news of Rocky Stewarts mother, Betty Stewart had passed away. She had a long battle with cancer. Although I did not know Mrs. Stewart, personally, I knew that she must have been a wonderful woman since the daughter-in-laws said that they always felt to be part of the family- not just someone who her sons had married. Acceptance is so important to have a happy family. I went to funeral with friends and it was good to see Shelly and Brandi Stewart. Rock and Libby must be proud to have such beautiful and gracious daughters.
This past weekend was Football Homecoming. We had the King and Queen candidates and their attendants. It seems that everything pertaining to school events, I have tendency to compare them to my school years. As I said last week everything changes- Do you remember when one of the organizations sold the huge Mums? If memory serves me, you could buy them in red, white, or bronze. Bronze was my favorite. When I was living in Texas, at their homecomings they had the big Mums then if a boy liked a girl, (whether romantic, secret admirer, or as just friends) he would buy her a ribbon to add to her flower. The ribbon was in one of the school colors and was at least two inches wide and over twenty-four inches long. Some girls might have eight or more ribbons to add to her corsage. When I was in the lower grades I could not wait until I could either buy a mum or better yet receive one from that someone special.
The other day I was looking an annual from the 60’s and the girls had the long white gloves and the enormous evening gowns and the ‘beehive’ hair. They must have had to make the platforms for the Kings Court larger than they do now, just to hold those dresses and their hair. I am sure there were times when parents were relieved when their daughter was not chosen to be a candidate as the purchase of a dress would have been a hardship for them.
Homecoming, years ago, was later in the school year and the weather was usually cooler and sometimes downright icy out, those poor girls were so cold - I have been told that some of the girls had long johns on under their gowns to help keep them from freezing to death.
My senior year when we had our football homecoming, I was dating Jim and he was so beat-up and exhausted from the game. I was excited to go to the dance since I had a date and everything, but at the party he actually nodded off while we were dancing. The only thing that kept him awake was the throbbing pain from the beating he took during the game. I guess does not say much for my company, but he was really ready to go home and be left alone. And besides, the dance started so late and I had to be home by 11:00, and since he was so tired, we left before the dance was over and he got me home early- Which made my dad very happy. I have always thought we would have enjoyed the homecoming dance more if it would have been the following evening rather than directly after the game and it might have helped if we would have won.

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