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Country Gal by Vanita Blundell Sept. 18th

Country Gal by Vanita Blundell Sept. 18th
The State Fair has come and gone by the time this article is published. I have fond memories of the State Fair. I still get excited just thinking about it. As a kid I liked the rides- except for the Old Mill- I was a fearful child and the dark tunnel with things jumping out at me was not what I thought was fun. My sister, however, thought it was wonderful. So much so that she spent her hard earned money to buy both of us a ticket. I think at the time it was either a quarter or fifty cents to ride- she insisted that it would be fun. I very cautiously got in the boat; I got to sit in the middle between Vickie and a complete stranger, which was terrifying in itself. After getting seated I prepared myself for what was lying ahead. I did what, all brave people do I shut my eyes and did not open them until the ride was completed. . When Vickie had realized that I had shut my eyes she was disgusted with me. Oh well, like that had not happened before. I worked hard sometimes to disgust her. However, I must admit that I did not see anything to scary.
I loved the carousal and the Scrambler. I could usually talk Mom into riding a couple of rides with me if they were not too wild.
The worst thing that I ever did to my family was that I wanted to ride the roller coaster and I wanted Vickie and Dad to ride with me. They half-heartedly agreed to ride with me. After all, Vickie had just tried to scare me to death in the Old Mill. So I figured she owed me. When we got in line Vickie and Dad tried to talk me out riding the death trap. I figured it would not have been as scary as riding with Dad when he was after a cow in the pick-up. But then again why would I need to pay for a ride that I could get at home for nothing? Dad said that if I wanted to go up and down hills at a fast pace just ride with him the next time the sheep got out, he promised that it could be exciting. But nothing would have it; I had to ride the roller coast. The seats were made for two passengers not three but the carnie allowed the three of us in the seat- but before Dad could get seated and secured they started the ride- we started the slow uphill climb with Vickie franticly trying to get Dad the rest of the way in the roller coaster car, by the time we had rounded the curve Dad still had one leg hanging out and Vickie, being the dramatic one, was yelling for me to help hang on to dad as we were headed for the downhill slope, we were yelling and Vickie was pulling then we had a couple more turns and a couple more bumps. I am not sure if we ever got Dad all the way in the car. By the time the ride was over I thought it was great - but by the looks I got from Vickie and Dad, I did not have the nerve to ask to ride again. Vickie was wild eyed and Dad went to find some Pepto- Bismal. I did not think that I ever got Dad to ride a roller coaster again. Then several years ago I took my kids to the Fair. I thought I would take Jeff and Jennifer on the coaster of death that Vickie, Dad and I had ridden years before. Sure enough the very same ride was there. I learned my lesson I did not try to get the three of us in one car. I was telling the kids how much fun they were going to have. When the ride started Jeff was not impressed at all and all during the ride Jeff screamed ‘you lied, you lied, this is not fun’. I must admit I did not feel too good when it was over- but I did not want to kids know.
Now when I go to the fair I enjoy the exhibits and the animal barn and yes, the food. Where else can you get flowering onions, potato curls, salt water taffy, carmeled apples, chicken and noodles, and bierocs? No more roller coasters for me as I do not like to ‘toss my cookies’ in public. I like to see all the free stuff and the pig races. The next time I make it to the Fair; I think I will see if I can get a golf cart to ride around. This is just exactly how I keep my nice round figure- I certainly can not maintain it by walking and exercise.

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