Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Country Gal by Vanita Blundell Jan.13, 2009

This week is a first for me- I am going to Hays to help Jennifer get settled into her apartment. She is going to school there and working for Wal-mart. Giz helped get her moved in and I will be going to help put on the finishing touches. Jennifer and Giz are both more than capable of doing it themselves, but they let me come and put in my two cents. Giz will be home alone for awhile and Jennifer will come home when she is able. She is taking a full load of classes and working a lot of hours- I can tell that all of this is for the younger generation. She makes me tired just talking to her about her schedule.
My father-in-law called me bright and early Sunday morning to talk about the article in the Dodge City paper about the dairy farmer who is worried that he is going to be taxed for cattle gases. I know that people think that this tax will never pass- no pun intended- but we really do need to keep our eyes on this silly tax. If the EPA gets this through beef and milk prices will go through the roof and no one will be able to afford to buy these products. Does not look good for the ranchers and dairies.
The weather has been great for having baby calves- We had to help a young heifer Friday. She picked a good day to have her baby- everything worked just right and the calf and momma are doing fine- she was one of those heifers- who had problems understanding just how the calving process worked. After it was all done and over with she seemed happy with the outcome. She made me think of young people when they are to have their first child. They really want a baby but not quite sure how everything is going to work out after they have started the pregnancy. I love to hear new parents and their ideas of how they are going to raise their family. They have all of these ideas and the ideas are not much different than the ones we have before we had our first kids. When you start out you think that you are going to really change the world. Then reality sets in after you have bought the bundle of joy home. Instead of changing the world you just pray that you will survive the next day.

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I was looking for my phone number I had for Andra Rickabaugh (I bought a boxer from her years ago). And while searching the internet for her, I ran across your country gal website with her and Paul's name in it. If you could give her my e-mail address or give me hers. Due to privacy issues, I would never ask for her phone number publicly. I will give you my alternate e-mail address since I use it more often: bozarac@maryville.k12.mo.us
She has the best dogs in the world and I really would like to get in touch with her again.

Rachel Bozarth