Tuesday, August 11, 2009

June 23, 2009

Country Gal by Vanita Blundell
I am not going to say anything about the precipitation that we have received- I know how it is when you are trying to harvest and it rains- Harvest is not a fond memory- well--- there were times that you had to laugh to keeping from running in front of an oncoming semi-just to end it all. Oh, it could have been horrible but we had the most wonderful neighbors that helped us out more than once. But even though the rain slows up the harvest the pastures are thirsty and happy to get the moisture.
Last week I was privileged to have Linda Winter’s sister and 2 nieces in my home for several days. They had brought Vivian Ruth to visit her sister, Rene Bruton. Sometimes when guests arrive you are anxious to see them leave- this certainly was not the case with these visitors. They were such a joy. The only thing missing was to have Dan and Linda here. Since all three girls have a wonderful sense of humor we laughed and giggled all evening long.
I think that the good Lord knew I needed the laughter to get me ready to go to church camp this coming week- Church camp is something that I never really cared for- however it was good for me and I learned quite a bit even though I spent most of my time with the camp nurse as I thought that I was homesick most of the week. I hope the camp nurse will be kind to me this time even though I will be one of the leaders. I went to church camp in Boiling Springs- I do not know why I missed home so much but I did. Mom sent me letters with cute little drawings on them which were really cute but it brought attention to me and at that time I was a little shy- I know it is hard to believe- but I was- kind of. Since she decorated the outside of my letters I had to do sing a song or do some little thing to get my letter- I thought it was terribly embarrassing.
I have had some interesting camp stories, but that is another story all together- I hope that I am tough enough to endure my week at church camp and if it would be possible and not to much trouble I would really appreciate you remembering me in your prayers- or maybe you should pray for those who will have to be around me for the next few days.

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