Tuesday, August 11, 2009

June 3, 2009

Country Gal by Vanita Blundell These last two weeks has been hectic. Fun and exciting but also tiring, I am glad that I do not have much on my agenda for the coming week. We have had a new addition to our family. Jeff and Chelsea brought their little girl into the world. They had help from the doctors and nurses, and of course, Chelsea had the love and attention of her mom to help her out. It is really nice to have your mom close by to give you the comfort that only a mom can give. There are times in a girl’s life that she really needs her mom and having babies is one of those times. I was glad that the hospital only allowed two people in the room with the laboring mother. I am not sure how or why having babies has become a spectator event. I know when I had my kids the last thing I wanted was to have the entire family there to-- do whatever -- What do they do? We were there to lend support- in the waiting area. We did not feel that it was our place to watch our little granddaughter make her entrance. But that is our personal opinion. We are happy that Chelsea is doing well and is a wonderful mother. I never had any doubts about her maternal instincts. Chaneill Elizabeth is a beautiful baby and I have the pictures to prove it.
I grew up in the Christian Church in Coldwater- so it is very dear to my heart. I was pleased to be a part of its 100th anniversary celebration. It was good to see Gib Clark and Bernard Plumb. They were past ministers that attended and participated in the Sunday morning church service. Janice Plumb, his daughter, accompanied her dad and Bruce and Nancy Plumb was there as well. Nancy grew up here; her parents were Wayne and Ruth Kirby. Debbie Hill Warren - Carol Monroe Clark- were a couple of others who came back to join us in our festivity. There were many hands that helped make the celebration a success and every one of them was appreciated.
My cousin, Mabel Crouse Conn, came and stayed at my house. I love it when she stays with me. She is helpful and helps me to stay on task- which is a job in itself. I am not sure I could have survived the weekend without her. Many of you might remember her parents- Hazel and Edwin Crouse. Hazel was my moms foster- sister- Hazel came to be part of the Cary Family before my mom was born. So she was always an important part of our lives. Uncle Edwin was one of the first custodians of the new high school. He was a kind and soft spoken man. Mabel has a brother Charles- he would have been here but because of health reasons he was unable to make the trip here from his home in Ashland, Missouri.
After our company left on Tuesday; we helped our neighbors work their cattle. It was a long day and after about 13 hours of gathering- hauling - working- loading again to haul back to pasture I was whipped. I think that we all were happy to call it a day. One of the guys that had really put in an extra hard day looked so tired that I think he hat was droopin’ down. I told Jim that I was so tired that I could not work up enough energy to die- Now that is tired. But maybe that is to be expected since I am- after all a grandma - now.

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