Tuesday, August 11, 2009

May 19, 2009

Country Gal by Vanita Blundell
If one way to tell your age is telling on you is how you handle change; then I am there. I do not mind change if I can see that it is needed or necessary. But to change things just for the sake of change really upsets me. I do not like it when stores changes their merchandise to different aisles. To me it is the stores telling me that I have nothing better to do than look for every item that I need, when I knew exactly where the items were last week. Sometimes I just give up and go home, maybe I did not need the items after all. I guess this is really a sore spot with me anyway, because I hate to search for things- I look and hunt for things that I hide from myself all the time. I should be excellent in finding lost or hidden things- instead I just yell and whine.
Since Giz has been laid up he likes to watch these home shows. Different ways to change or build your home in a newer and better styles. The show starts out with these people who want to change their home to a new design. This is fine, but part of the time when they show the before and after; I prefer the before rather than the latest way to paint the walls. I really hate it when they talk about how ugly wall paper is, when just a year or two ago it was the rage. But I love wallpaper, Granddad Cary hung wall paper for many people in his day and he always said that you could hide a multitude of sins behind wallpaper. I will admit that there are some really good ideas and I would like to implement some of the ideas for my kitchen. But then you must get your head out of the clouds and realize that even though the ‘want to is there’ the money is not. Then newest thing is using concrete for countertops and Formica is out. Granite is still alright to have - but if you want to run with the ‘big dogs’; you need to have a concrete countertop. It sounds odd, I know, but they do all kinds of things to the concrete to make it pretty. But I look at my Formica counters and they are serviceable and they clean up nice and I figure I will keep them until they come back into fashion, and they will… sometime.
On one show there was a question on how much money would be spent in the next year on remodeling kitchens in America. The answer was shocking to me it was several billion dollars. Billion not million but billon U.S. dollars. I was absolutely shocked that Americans even have that much money to spend. I cannot even envision a billion dollars, just think of all of the things you could get with that much money. I have many projects that need attention and having a cash roll would certainly be helpful. But then you must ask yourself would you really be a billion times happier- would you enjoy your family more, would you help your fellow man more- would you give more of yourself to worthy causes, could you be a billion times a better person- I would like to think that if I had a free flow of cash that I would make the world a much better place to live - but the answer to this and many other inquiring questions we will never know the answer.

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